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Sculptures Exhibition : Béatrice Pothin-Gallard

From 11 to 24 august 2016

Les sculptures de Beatrice Pothin Gallard

Les sculptures de Beatrice Pothin Gallard reflètent un univers délicat et poétique.

Sculpturesexhibition of Beatrice Pothin-Gallard at Lavoir Vasserot

The sculptures of Beatrice Pothin Gallard reflect a delicate and poetic universe. Since ever , a face, the movement of a body fascinate the artist. Her bronze sculptures are the result of a long work with her alive models: nudes, dressed persons, dancers, gymnasts....Her creations finalized in bronze, keep the imprint of the hand, the subtle relief of the terra cotta. Classicism and modernity are gathered in her works.

Beatrice Pothin Gallard will present during his show to the wash house Vasserot a 40th of bronze sculptures accompanied with terra-cottas and drawings.



Lavoir-Vasserot rue Joseph Quaranta 83990 Saint-Tropez info@sainttropeztourisme.com Tél : 06 14 25 97 02 Web : http://www.pothin-gallard.com





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