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Gulf sails cup

From 23 to 24 may 2019






7th Golf Sail Cup :


The “Golf-Sail Cup”  This is a good way to find out, if you don’t know already, if this is yet another discipline with the only goal being pleasure!

The principle of the event is to be tested on the golf course and then to sail in a race with mixed crews, regardless of the level of each other’s skills and experience. Sailboats with HN certificate must include at least 4 crew members. All golfers, regardless of their handicap are allowed but, again, only 4 specifically registered members can actually take part in the golf ( Scramble rules) . This is provided that the other team members are welcome on the course.  The events will take place with a match on Beauvallon Golf Course (Grimaud) and  with a sailing event in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The two events are the subject of a classification under the rules of each discipline. Points scored are added for each event. The team that receives the lowest number of points will be declared the winner. The first three, according to this ranking, and the first of each discipline will be rewarded. The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of participants. Another original contest not to be missed! In 2014, the first occasion of this competition, the crews, even beginners, have risen to the challenge on the golf course and during the next day’s race in the Gulf of St. Tropez on the eleven competing yachts. Most participants were able to discover another equally exciting discipline.



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