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Exhibition "The World of Zani"

From 20 october to 2 november 2022

© Zani

© Zani

© Zani

© Zani

© Zani

© Zani

© Zani

© Zani

Zani, sculptor and (somewhat) dreamer, invites us to discover his latest abstract mural creations based on the four archaic elements: earth, water which softens it, air which dries it and fire which cooks it.
I waited a long time before becoming a sculptor. It was only on January 1, 2010, following a wonderful encounter with an old village chief in the heart of Africa, that I decided to pursue this passionate profession. Before that, I spent many years travelling the world and crossing paths with beautiful people. Here, there, and especially elsewhere...
Ceramics quickly took precedence over other media because it alone brings together the four archaic elements: the earth that I knead, the water that softens it, the air that dries it, and the fire that fires it.
When I create, something must happen... and does! The masters Kandinsky and Klee would have described it, long before and better than me, as an "imperious necessity" which "pre-exists its author". I try to give pride of place to the surprise and even to the accident. This approach has enabled me to make my most beautiful discoveries. It is not my head that thinks and my hands that execute. It is my hands that think and my heart that listens.
My influences? Rothko, Matisse, Harp, Soulages, de Staël, Haring, César, Vasarely or Mondrian. But also Japan and Africa.
Welcome to an imaginary world where dreams and materials intermingle. The world where I live. A world where the work of art becomes the pretext and the witness of an encounter, our encounter, here and now.

From 20/10 to 02/11/2022, daily between 10 am and 7 pm.

Free entry.


Lavoir Vasserot

Rue Joseph Quaranta

83990 Saint-Tropez

04 94 97 45 21

06 72 87 25 10






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