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Nunan & Cartwright exhibition

From 23 may to 6 november 2022

Nunan Cartwright

Nunan & Cartwright

Nunan & Cartwright Art Exhibition of eleven sculptures in the citadel park and the dungeon courtyard.
During the summer of 2022, artist couple Shona Nunan and Michael Cartwright will be exhibiting their work at the citadel in Saint-Tropez. Born in Australia, it is in the wild landscapes of the island-continent that they draw their first source of inspiration.
Nunan & Cartwright both evoke in their work the themes of Nature and Freedom.

Exploring different archetypes, Shona Nunan celebrates Life and shapes our collective psyche in the bronze of her creations. Her "Guardians", her rider or her sculptures with feminine curves are all visions of the different cycles that make up our existence.

It is through the symbolism of the journey that Michael-Francis Cartwright expresses his perception of our place in the World with figures of abstract, aerial forms, where even the material seems to free itself from weightlessness. Michael-Francis' sculptures invite us to take another look at what we think we see. By diving into his imagination, our own reality appears.
Whether inside or oriented towards the sea and the sky, it is the promise of an unexpected and joyful journey that awaits visitors to the citadel, where eleven statues take place in the gardens of the fortress and the courtyard of its keep.

From 23/05 to 06/11/2022, daily between 10 am and 5.30 pm. 23/05 to 30/09: 10am - 6.30pm 01/10 to 03/11: 10am - 5.30pm.

One price: 4 €.

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