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Exposition de Katja Lumpe

From 25 to 31 august 2022






Exhibition of the artist Katja Lumpe at Lavoir Vasserot
Katja Lumpe is a painter, originally from Germany, specialised in abstract painting.
Influenced by the colours, the contrasts and the light of the south of France, she transmits her emotions through her abstract art for the greatest pleasure of amateurs and collectors.
Katja Lumpe is an artist at heart. Her works are described as "characters" and subtly evoke an atmosphere of strength, lightness and harmony.
An inspiration from nature and the universe in all its splendid forms, its undulating reliefs, its bright and intense colours, while fully identifying with her creative visions through the expression of a free spirit.
Beyond the depth of his works and their symbolic significance, his spirit of independence is undoubtedly one of his most obvious traits.
Her works reflect this pure freedom and a life overflowing with richness.
The art studies that Katja Lumpe was spontaneously led to follow did not shape or formulate her. Above all, they allowed her to develop skills and perfect multiple creative techniques.
It was in 2014 when she arrived in the Gulf of St Tropez that her inspirations and expressions came to life in her unique and recognisable style.
Being an artist "is something that accompanies you all your life".
Katja is constantly seeking to evolve, to learn new mediums and to refine her work using materials such as gold, silver, coral powder, patinas and much more. Her desire to create has always been present.
Today, the artist travels to exhibitions, fairs and festivals dedicated to contemporary art. She has won numerous prizes, including the 1st Prize of the City of Saint Tropez.

From Thursday 25 to Wednesday 31 August 2022.

Free of charge.

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