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« DUEL AU CANIF » de Guy de Maupassant par la Cie Pleins Feux d’Aubagne

The 15 january 2023

© Duel au canif

© Duel au canif

© Duel au canif

© Duel au canif

With Duel au canif, Guy de Maupassant wrote a brilliant and avant-garde comedy with humour that is both subtle and ferocious. A vitriolic portrait of the bourgeoisie and the mores of the time that sheds light on the universality of the relationship between men and women.
Paris, 1890.
The husband, the wife and the lover.
A seemingly ordinary trio... Only in appearance!
The husband, Count Jean de Sallus, is a powerful, arrogant and unfaithful man, shamelessly abandoning his wife for the benefit of women he loves immoderately.
The wife, the young and virtuous Madeleine, has finally decided, after years of this unjust treatment, to take a lover.
The lover, the young and fiery Jacques de Randol, is madly in love with her and makes many meetings and promises.
Everything changes on the day when, spurned by a capricious and venal showgirl, Sallus
Sallus, in need of "tenderness", decides to win back Madeleine's heart.
Madeleine's heart.
The latter, revolted, makes him a proposal that is as surprising as it is indecent, revolutionising the customs of the time.

Sunday 15 January 2023.

Adult: 10 €.



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