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Exposition du Lavoir Vasserot - Montem Maurum - Massif des Maures

From 15 to 17 december 2023

For many years, Patricia M. Renoux, a native of the Tropézienne region, has travelled the Maures massif with her camera.
The name of the Maures massif comes from the Occitan Provençal name "lei Mauras" or "Leï Mauro", which means "the black mountain".

The Maures massif covers an area of 135,000 hectares in the Var department. It is made up of a vast, sparsely populated area of relative altitude and a coastal area with wide alluvial plains interspersed with rugged coastal rocks, sandy beaches and salt marshes. The Giens peninsula, linked to the mainland by a double dune belt, is also part of the massif, as are the islands of Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Levant off Hyères.

With my photos, I wanted to pay tribute to this "dark mountain" as well as to all the good men who work to preserve its life and dignity.

I also wanted to present some photos taken after the fires of August 2021 in order to raise public awareness (of all ages) of the need to respect and protect this precious natural heritage.

The photos in this exhibition are accompanied by Haikus (extremely brief poems of Japanese origin, celebrating the evanescence of things and the sensations they evoke). They were written by my friend Claudine Manhes, whom I thank warmly for her wonderful work, her help and her generosity.

From Friday 15 to Sunday 17 December 2023. From 10:00 to 13:00 & from 15:00 to 17:00.

Free of charge.

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