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"Dom Juan, le piège" de Louise Caron - les Tréteaux de Saint-Tropez

The 3 december 2023

Dom Juan, le piège takes up the characters from Molière's play: Dom Juan and Elvire. Based on the absence of a definite denouement, the author imagines that Dom Juan has survived the Commander's curse and resurfaces in Seville thirty years later. Although age has marked his features, his passion for women remains intact. One stormy evening, he appears at Elvire's home. Her former lover is approaching fifty. She is married to a wealthy old merchant, Senior Alvarez. The fact that Elvire has been able to console herself for her abandonment by renouncing her commitment to pray for him in an austere convent, and worse still, that she has married a boor, hurts Dom Juan's self-esteem so much that he can't stand it. How will he make Elvire pay for what he considers a betrayal? What role will young Amalia play, Elvire's servant and confidante, a strange girl who has studied mathematics and philosophy, and who knows how to draw a sword as well as a knight? Can we imagine Elvire being as gullible as in her youth, and falling once again into the trap of love? The unexpected denouement preserves the myth. Despite the classicism of the language, this human comedy is absolutely contemporary.

Sunday 3 December 2023 at 4.30 pm.

Full price: 10 €.


Cinéma Théâtre La Renaissance

Place des Lices

83990 Saint-Tropez

06 78 97 69 68





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