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4th photographie contest

From 27 april to 22 may 2017

4ème Grand Prix de Photographie

Chosen theme this year : unusual moment

Photographie contest in Saint-Tropez

Grand Prix Photo Saint-Tropez - Photo contest

1. an international photography contest,

2. an exhibition,

3. an auction.

1. to encourage and showcase the talents of young photographers and help them enter the professional world,

2. to reward the talents of photo enthusiasts (amateur or professional), and

3. to serve a humanitarian cause.


Within the framework of this contest, finalist photographs will be exhibited in Saint-Tropez from April 29 to May 21, 2017.

The jury will choose among the finalists the 3 winning photographs or series. A prize will be awarded to each winner.

In exchange, the organiser asks each participant to transfer the sales rights of one copy of each finalist or winning photograph, with the aim of donating the profits of the sale to a humanitarian cause.


Grand prix photo Saint-Tropez
Web : photosttropez.org





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