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The Annonciade Museum reminds us that the village of Saint-Tropez has been one of the most active centre of avant-garde painting at the beginning of the XXth Century, thanks to Paul Signac who, on board his ship called l'Olympia, discovered this little fishing harbour in 1892. He fell under the spell of the place, bought a house, la Hune, which he turned into his studio and invited many other painters to join him: Cross, Matisse, Derain, Marquet.

The Artists

The Musée de l'Annonciade, created in 1922, reminds us that the town of Saint-Tropez was one of the most active centres of the pictorial avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to Paul Signac, who discovered this charming little fishing port in 1892 aboard his yacht the Olympia. Seduced by the country, Signac bought a house there and turned it into his studio, La Hune, and invited many painters: Cross, Matisse, Marquet...



The collections presented, ranging from 1890 to 1950, are surprising in their quality and homogeneity. All the artists exhibited based their work on a reflection on colour while remaining faithful to figuration.
This collection is made up of first-rate paintings, belonging essentially to the pointillist, Nabis and Fauvist movements.

It can be considered the first museum of modern art in France, since from the outset it has offered on its walls the most relevant works of living artists. The coherence and harmony of its collections, intended by its founders and its most important donor, Georges Grammont, are an exceptional example in France and in the world: in such a small space, major masterpieces of the history of French painting are brought together.



André DERAIN - Pont sur la Tamise, 1906 - Effets de soleil sur l'eau, 1906 - Westminster, 1906
Henri MATISSE - Paysage Corse, 1898 - La Gitane, 1905-1906 - La Femme à la fenètre, Nice, 1920 - Intérieur à Nice, 1920
Pierre BONNARD - Nu devant la cheminée, 1919
Georges ROUAULT - Paysage biblique, 1935
Georges BRAQUE - Paysage de l'Estaque, 1906
Georges SEURAT - Chenal de Gravelines (étude), 1890
Henri-Edmond CROSS - La Plage de Saint-Clair, 1906-1907
Paul SIGNAC - Saint-Tropez au soleil couchant, 1896 - Les Pins parasols aux Canoubiers, 1897 - Saint-Tropez, le quai, 1899
Raoul DUFY - Jetée de Honfleur, 1930
Felix VALLOTTON - Misia à son bureau, 1897
Roger de la FRESNAYE - Le Rameur, 1914
Kees VAN DONGEN - En la plaza, Femmes à la balustrade, 1910 - La Gitane, 1910-1911
Aristide MAILLOL - La Baigneuse drapée, 1921 Nymphe, 1930
Edouard VUILLARD - Deux femmes sous la lampe, 1892 - Intérieur aux deux chaises, 1901 - La soupe d'Annette, 1900-1901
Albert MARQUET - Saint-Tropez, le port, 1905 - Port de Marseille, 1918 - Sète, la Canal de Beaucaire, 1924 - Paris, quai d'Orléans, 1930
Maurice de VLAMINCK - Le Pont de Chatou, 1906


Every Thursday at 10 am. Price : 6 € (entrance fee at the Museum not included)



Exhibition André Dunoyer de Segonzac

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2, place Georges Grammont

83990 Saint-Tropez

04 94 17 84 10

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2, place Georges Grammont

83990 Saint-Tropez

04 94 17 84 10

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Le Musée de l'Annonciade à Saint-Tropez

Le Musée de l'Annonciade à Saint-Tropez




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