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01/10/2021 (archive)

A picturesque old town that knows how to enchant a large audience and that is very much appreciated.

Cogolin village entre terre et mer

Copyright photos : E. Bertrand et http://www.cogolin-provence.com/



Its name comes from its location on a gentle hill with a beautiful view on the valley, once called "cuquihon - couquihoun". Its legend, directly linked to the one of Saint-Tropez, has it that Cogolin would be the contraction of the word "coq au lin" : the saint, beheaded in Italy, was put in a rotten boat with a rooster and a dog. The boat landed at the present location, and the rooster landed in a flax field a few kilometres away...

Topography, history and legend have forged the identity of Cogolin, and nothing is missing, thanks to fertile lands, rivers and creeks : tasty local products (fruits, vegetables and vineyards), enchanting and picturesque narrow streets, a remarkable architectural heritage (civil and religious monuments), a marina with a capacity for 1600 boats and a small family beach.

In this unspoilt setting combining land and sea, know-how and talents developed : manufacturers of briar tobacco pipes (well-known around the world) and carpet manufacturers.


It is a place where life is in full flow : supermarkets and small shops, restaurants, performance venues, concerts bring the city to life all year round.

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