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In Saint-Tropez, take advantage all year from of the best deals selected and collected in this section.


The opening of a new bar, the new menu of a restaurant, an event, a beach party in the heart of summer, a private tasting of exceptional wines, a paddle-breakfast hike ... Everything is a pretext to have fun in Saint-Tropez. Be the first to exclusively find the best opportunities to enhance your stay in an original way. Regularly check the "Good Deals" section to be updated to the latest news from Saint-Tropez.


For example, start your discovery with a commented walk in the village in order to understand the place in its different aspects: historical, cinematographic, artistic or gastronomic ... While strolling, you will certainly find a pretty terrace or a restaurant with a sea view more than tempting. The shops will also know how to tempt you with their good seasonal plans. Hungry ? Don't forget to try the specialties of Saint-Tropez! Treat yourself!


The time of the aperitif will have quickly struck. Dare to open the door of certain Saint-Tropez institutions to discover a unique atmosphere and taste one of these wonderful cocktails. Or simply prefer to relax on the terrace on the port, in the charming alleys of the village to try one of the best Provençal wines.


Take a look at the constantly updated menus offered by the chefs. The offer is rich, from fusion cuisine to vegetarian cuisine through the various creative interpretations of local cuisine.


At the end of this lunch, let yourself be tempted by a short commented boat cruise around Saint-Tropez. The companies offer new good deals every year.

Finally, perhaps it's the beach and its pleasures that are reaching out you. Many nautical activities are available too. Fill up on sensations or laze on a comfortable and quiet mattress, slowly waiting for the sunset.


In the meantime, go and meet our winegrowers! Immerse yourself in the calm of a domain or the freshness of a cellar. The good plans « tasting »offer "wine tours" or wine events and are now available for all tastes. You are offered very interesting packages, combining, for example, a 2CV tour and a country picnic, or a tasting course with food and wine pairings ...


In any case, the evening promises to be festive. Whether you opt for a tour of legendary bars, a gourmet restaurant or even clubbing. Your Tropezian night will be unforgettable.


Finally, if you're running out of ideas, check out our themed getaways! They allow you to build your perfect day in Saint-Tropez according to your desires and the time you have available. Contact our travel advisers on +33 (0)4 94 97 45 21 for details.


You are in the right place, good deals are the best way to organize your perfect stay in Saint-Tropez.
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