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First aid training

From 1er april 2020 to 1er april 2021

In this very special period, our attention goes to the people around us. So what could be better than training in first aid?
Do not wait any longer, this training will allow you to know the saving gestures. At home, at work, at school, in everyday life we ​​can all be actors to help a person in distress.
You will learn how to make a primary and secondary assessment of a victim, call professional help in an orderly and precise manner to speed up their interventions. Save lives with quick and easy actions.
Don't be afraid to assist and become real heroes!
UPSCALE offers you, your children and your employees a comprehensive qualifying and internationally recognized first aid training course.
Let’s anticipate, let’s all act together, because tomorrow you may be the one who will need assistance for life-threatening distress.
Don’t passive.
A training manual and video support will facilitate your learning. The scenarios will allow us to practice, to make our actions orderly and effective. The sharing of each other's experiences and experiences makes this training fascinating.

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