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Fashion of Saint-Tropez

Designers Made in Saint-Tropez 


Since the New Wave, Saint-Tropez has been a land of fashion, a laboratory of trends.


From the 50s to the 70s, Saint-Tropez can boast of having been the navel of fashion.


Yesterday's creators, Maison Vachon, Jean Bouquin, Lothar's have become cult. Their clothes are almost impossible to find on the authentic vintage market.


They dressed Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Jeanne Moreau, Grace of Monaco, Elizabeth Taylor, Marie Laforet ..., made the costumes for the actors of the Gendarme of Saint-Tropez, and many others.


The styles fashionable at that time were : the famous Vichy dress, the sailor top, the corsair pants, the hippie chic outfits ...


"Everything was done in Saint-Tropez and you could only find it in Saint-Tropez. It was the key to success. The clientele was made up of actors, crowned heads but the atmosphere of the store was very natural and without fuss" summarizes Claire Vachon, whose great-grandparents opened the Vachon boutique in 1919 on the port.


Today's designers, K Jacques, Rondini, Sunday, Kiwi, Gas ... claim an original know-how in limited series, very popular with "fashionistas" from all over the world.


All these fashion designers have in common that they wrote their beautiful story in Saint-Tropez.


Besides the Tropezian creations, most of the luxury brands have a boutique in Saint-Tropez. Some are open year round and some open a pop-up store for the summer season.


Saint-Tropez remains a hot spot for celebrities and is regularly used as a backdrop for shootings of fashion advertisements. In 2010, Karl Lagerfeld, who loved to come to Saint-Tropez to recharge his batteries, even organized a great Chanel fashion show on the port for the Cruise 2010-2011 collection.


Saint-Tropez is definitely the place to be for fashionistas !


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