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Larmes de combat Brigitte Bardot

03/02/2020 (archive)


Her book

After her "animal testament" published in her latest book "Tears of Combat", Brigitte Bardot and the key figures in her Foundation are mobilised more than ever around the great causes of animal abuse, still unfortunately extremely topical.

As part of the 16 Arts Festival, Jean-Pierre Tuveri, Mayor of Saint-Tropez and President of Saint-Tropez Tourisme, and Danièle Giazzi, Mayor of the 16th arrondissement in Paris, Regional Councillor of Île-de-France and Councillor of Paris, inaugurated the event "Brigitte Bardot from the 16th to Madrague". Running from 14 to 16 June at the town hall of the 16th arrondissement in Paris, the photo exhibition by Léonard de Raemy, the rare or unpublished shots taken by the friend of the star enhance the natural and sensual beauty of Brigitte.

A great opportunity to rediscover the activities of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation as well as the adorable baby faces of animals intended for adoption.


FBB helps stray cats

After having helped to pass legislation allowing sterilised cats to be released at their place of capture, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation has been conducting effective sterilisation campaigns for more than 20 years to fight against animal misery. More than 7,000 cats have been operated on since the beginning of 2019.

Brigitte Bardot wrote to the Minister of Agriculture to ask him to set up a campaign to sterilise cats throughout France to prevent their uncontrolled proliferation.


Circuses without wild animals

Every year the Foundation campaigns against circuses possessing wild animals. A large number of veterinarians, animal behaviour experts and governments around the world have demonstrated that the welfare of wild animals is always compromised in circuses because of the constant moving around and temporary accommodation. Their use is also a significant problem for public health and safety.

To echo the demands of citizens, 354 French municipalities have already taken a stand in favour of circuses without animals. In addition, 25 of the 28 Member States of the European Union have taken or are in the process of taking measures to prohibit the keeping of wild animals in these places. France remains one of the last countries not to have legislated in this regard... Let's continue the fight!




For the respect of animals

For more than 30 years, Brigitte Bardot and her team have kept fighting for animals in France and in more than 70 countries.


No animal entertainment

No animal entertainment !
Animal abuse is one of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation big fights. Zoos, circuses, bear tamers, aquariums and marine parks, corridas... animals do not have to undergo human stupidity and being enslaved. These are inhuman living conditions. Animals are forced to perform silly and confusing tricks under the threat of physical punishment
; they are carted across the country in cramped and stuffy boxcars or semi-truck trailers and are kept chained or caged in barren, and filthy enclosures... for human entertainment.
Brigitte Bardot rebelled against the coming of the Muller Circus in the Var area. Interviewed by Var Matin, she said: “I ask the Mayor of Gassin not to accept circuses with animals. Even Joseph Bouglione circus has just announced that it won’t feature shows with animals anymore. Others should do the same! It is a degrading spectacle, sad and brings no vision of what is an animal ”. ”
Circuses can exist but without animals. More and more countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, India,
Israël, Lebanon, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Mexico...) took immediate measures to restrict and prohibit animals in circuses. French cities are starting to do so “, director of the Animal Protection department of the Foundation, Christophe Marie, said.


Adopt !

Do not buy animals but adopt them !
Each year, the foundation offers cats and dogs sterilized and in healthy conditions that are available for adoption. If you want to adopt them, please contact the adoption depart
ment at +33(0)1 45 05 14 60. Adoption is the best way to fight against animal abuse. This approach encourages the environmentally responsible initiatives

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