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03/09/2020 (archive)




More than ever mobilized for the well being and defense of animals, the foundation is launching a new battle around animal abuse and abandonment, very topical at the beginning of this holiday season.

The Covid-19 has had some dramatic consequences.

The crisis will also have lasting repercussions on the lives of millions of French people. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation (FBB) launched, on 9 July, a major solidarity campaign, widely distributed on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. She understands the suffering of people having to give up their pets and proposes, to help them get through this painful ordeal with their faithful companion. Because, all situations, even the most difficult (poverty, death of a loved one, separation, anxiety...) can find a solution. Through a toll-free number, 0 805 691 820 (free service and call), a friendly team is ready to provide psychological, material (pet food, veterinary care...), financial or logistical assistance to owners of fourlegged companions, who have been hard hit by the current crisis. More than ever, this summer, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation will place solidarity in the forefront.

To watch our first spot on Youtube : Fondation Brigitte Bardot.

The FBB to the rescue of felines

The Foundation has been active for more than 20 years on this subject through sterilization campaigns to counter the misery of stray cats.

More than 7000 cats have been operated on.

Brigitte Bardot has approached the Minister of Agriculture to propose a sterilization campaign on the whole territory, in order to fight against the uncontrolled proliferation.



For a circus without animals

Every year the foundation campaigns against wild animals in circuses. These animals are kept in captivity in conditions incompatible with their nature. France, lagging behind, must legislate. 25 European countries have already taken or announced measures to ban the keeping of wild animals.

In response to citizens' demands, more than 360 French municipalities, have already taken a stand for animal-free circuses. Fortunately, according to a recent poll, it would appear that the French are aware that this practice is unacceptable. Under the growing pressure of public opinion, the Ministry of Economic Transition and Solidarity has initiated a reflection on this issue in order to consider new national measures.



N’achetez pas d’animaux, adoptez-les !
Tel est le cri du cœur de Brigitte Bardot. Alors que les refuges français sont plus saturés que jamais, l’adoption reste le moyen le plus sûr de lutter contre la maltraitance animale.
Elle favorise aussi une démarche citoyenne écoresponsable qui tend heureusement désormais à se développer. Tous les animaux proposés à l’adoption par la Fondation Brigitte Bardot sont stérilisés, identifiés et en bonne santé. Si vous souhaitez adopter un adorable compagnon à quatre pattes et lui offrir une vie décente, contactez le service adoption au 01 45 05 14 60.

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