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Pour l'équilibre de la nature

23/08/2018 (archive)

FOR THE BALANCE OF NATURE - Everybody knows that the charismatic owner of Club 55, the Domaine des Bouis and the Château de la Mole, is a local councillor and a citizen who is very much engaged in ecology.


It is urgent to revive what nature had done so well”

“Sustainable development”, “environment”, terms that today are a little clichéd, irritate Patrice de Colmont intensely. The first “implies that we should prolong the agony of our system, as for the second, it implies that humans are the centre of the universe, but the human being is only one element of nature”.

With all his wisdom, “the peasant prince” who inherited human values from his parents Bernard and Geneviève, prefers to speak of “ecology” or “the balance of nature”. The man who welcomes some of the greatest celebrities in the world to the Club 55, likes to say that “man is not the centre of the planet or the decider”.


With the application of the planning of Pampelonne beach which will come into effect in 2019, the commune of Ramatuelle is considering a mobilization of sponsors to help save the dunes. As a municipal councillor and beach establishment owner, Patrice de Colmont would also like to associate a citizens’ movement to help participate in the rebuilding of the dunes project, which will be explained in more detail at a later date. In my memories, I can see my father, telling the tourists who picked the sand lilies, “I forbid you to pick these plants” and almost every time they would reply “but they belong to everybody!” “That’s why I forbid you to pick them because they also belong to me!” was his answer. “If we don’t protect the dunes, there will be no beach left at all, I am conscious that a page in the history of Pampelonne has been turned and that emotionally the disappearance of certain establishments will be difficult for those who love the spot but we can’t go backwards or against the law. I prefer concentrating on the positive points of the new planning process, the disappearance of the constructions on the beach at the end of the season and the beauty of the scenery!” (www.pacvar.fr).

« Je suis conscient qu’une page de l’histoire de Pampelonne se tourne et qu’émotionnellement la disparition de certains établissements va être très difficile pour les amoureux de ce lieu, mes confrères et moi-même, mais nous ne pouvons pas faire machine arrière et nous opposer à cette évolution qui s’appuie sur la loi… Je préfère me concentrer sur un des points positifs du nouveau schéma d’aménagement, celui de la disparition des constructions sur la plage en fin de saison et imaginer la beauté du paysage ! »


Just a few kilometers from his beloved beach, going towards the Dom forest, the Château de la Mole blooms season after season. An ecological diagnostic of the property revealed an extraordinary biodiversity on the site where animals of many protected species can be found... turtles, lizards, bats and even royal eagles. Based on this scientific diagnostic, Patrice de Colmont and his team will determine a rare ecological agro project to be experimented on small plots of land. Some cereals, a few vines, fruit trees or summer vegetables. Patrice who works his soil with a passion, without chemicals or machines and is facing the future in the purest of traditions so as to share the best with his guests at Club 55.




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