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The actors of the new world

12/09/2019 (archive)


Given impetus by Pierre Rabhi, who inaugurated the Future of our Roots exhibition this spring and in collaboration with the cities of Saint-Tropez and Grimaud, many local personalities are committed to being "figures for change in a real-world convergence of consciousnesses." That of living better.
Patrice de Colmont



Patrice de Colmont
Respect for the land that feeds us and its inhabitants is the life philosophy of Patrice de Colmont, the charismatic owner of Club 55, Domaine des Bouis and Château de la Mole. "For me, respect for the earth is something visceral," explains the man who was raised with the humanist values transmitted by his father Bernard, a great traveller, ethnologist and founder of the Explorers' Club with Paul- Emile Victor.


They are at the uniting force behind Club 55, a key player in the legend of Saint-Tropez for more than half a century and forerunner in the field of nature protection. Under the impetus of the development plan for Pampelonne beach, this season, Patrice de Colmont has increased the concrete measures to enhance its setting in the heart of the site classified as a Remarkable Natural Space. Under the direction of Séverine Romedenne, DPLG architect at the centre of the Ecological Architecture Workshop La Ligne (which notably designed the development of Pierre Rabhi's Hameau des Buis), the beach infrastructures, brought on site by the horses of the Vallon des Bouis farm and the Château de la Mole, give pride of place to high-quality recovered materials, like the Chestnut wood from Piedmont which enhances the terraces of the restaurant and the beach, where elegant selective sorting spaces invite customers to recycle while offering them an experimental non-smoking area. Club 55 is equipped with rainwater harvesting systems and also produces its own renewable energy. The Mediterranean seasonal restaurant and snack menus have always promoted local and natural products, including those from its own farms, while developing the organic and / or animal protein free products on offer.

Patrice de Colmont, propriétaire du domaine des Bouis qui domine tout Pampelonne - © B. Courcot


Son of a couple of vine growers of la Mole, Yann Ménard, 39 years old, has been cultivating the Jardin de la Piboule ("poplar in Provençal") since 2011. More than 200 seasonal varieties, vegetables, herbs and some fruits grow naturally where he cultivates the plain of Cogolin, near the Foux crossroads. "We provide the soil with a diversified

diet, based on horse manure to feed the bacteria, a little ground wood for the mushrooms and green fertiliser based on vegetables... All these approaches make it possible to raise the levels of organic matter and to re-start the virtuous cycle of life. We apply or experiment with the aspects of each of these alternative types of agriculture – agroecology, permaculture, organic or biodynamic agriculture – which seem to us the most suitable for our garden, our sensibilities and our technical means. I do not like labels, that's why we do not belong to any label. More than half of the 10 hectares are left under forest and meadow, in addition to that, every 20 metres, we sow rows of flowers parallel to the rows of vegetables, they allow pollinating insects to find food at times when there are fewer wildflowers, increase the productivity of our crops, beautify the landscape and nourish our souls". Yann's products are acclaimed by the greatest chefs in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, including Arnaud Donckele (La Vague d'Or restaurant, triple Michelin star and Hotel Cheval Blanc Saint-Tropez). You can find Yann's products in his outlet at the Jardin de la Piboule, located along the road RD 61, between the Font- Mourier roundabout and the Giscle bridge, in the direction of Grimaud. The place also hosts the AMAP (Association for the Maintenance of Peasant Agriculture) on Tuesday and Friday evening from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. This season, the Jardin de la Piboule has opened its first Passage Raimu shop in Cogolin
(open Tuesday to Saturday morning) and it has a stand on the Plan Tour market every Thursday from April to October.

Infos : www.lejardindelapiboule.com


"My grandfather was a farmer and my uncle was a veal farmer, but they were on the wrong side, that of pesticides and industrial agriculture... My cousin and I chose the opposite of this family model, he became a producer of milk from selected farms and I an organic craft baker" explains this 40-year old father. After having worked for many years in the town of La Mole in a traditional bakery, Charly's conviction and passion led him to open the first 100% organic bakery in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. On the Place des Artisans, in Port-Grimaud, it offers special, wholemeal, country, spelled, rye and multi-cereal breads as well as delicious pastries.

La Boulangerie de Port-Grimaud. 7 rue des Artisans. T. 06 08 49 81 43


Chickens roam freely In the centre of the Gaec des Oliviers farm in Cogolin, near the Domaine Saint-Marc. On the family farm, Sébastien Maunier raises 700 red French hens that are fed exclusively on organic cereals. The production, about 550 eggs per day, is sold to the demanding restaurateurs of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the Biogolfe shop in Cogolin and private individuals in the markets of Cogolin and Plan de la Tour.

Infos : 06 62 21 00 85



They are motivated by the challenge of "producing a healthy diet that respects the environment", Sylvie Poiron, from the world of phytotherapy, and Bertrand Gindraud, from business, have combined their talents to create Green Pousses, a company specialised in the production of sprouted seeds (lentils, black radish, soya, etc.) and micro shoots (basil, watercress, rocket, red cabbage, broccoli, coriander, radish, etc.). The artisan and organic cultures flourish in the soils on the plain of Mole and Cogolin before adding colour to the dishes of the restaurants the most prestigious in the gulf: Château de la Messardière, Le Byblos, La Réserve, Le Sezz, Tahiti, Indie Beach House, etc., as well as being sold on the shelves of the Jardin de la Piboule, Halle Grimaud or Biogolfe shops. Crisp, light, and healthy, these green shoots have become the stars of healthy dishes. Their contribution in minerals, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, essential fatty acids and amino acids are quite fantastic!



For more than 20 years, Bernadette Combette and Alexandre Séné have travelled all over France and the world to select cereals produced by organic agriculture, permaculture and wild harvesting by farmers, small artisans and harvesters. These seeds, legumes, flours, oil seeds, dried fruits, and berries "from old non-hybrid varieties and produced with the greatest respect for the life of the soil" are acclaimed by the greatest chefs and establishments including Arnaud Donckele for Cheval Blanc Saint-Tropez, Rocco Seminara for the Byblos, Vincent Maillard for Lily of the Valley (La Croix-Valmer), as well as Alain Ducasse and many others. "We are on a quest for excellence in the service of better nutrition. A new revolution is underway, a new lifestyle, more creative, more respectful, closer to nature, preserving health, ecosystems and bringing taste, pleasure and glamour... ".

Infos : Bernadette Combette 06 50 82 69 25 bernadette.combette@gmail.com Alexandre Séné 06 32 11 97 27 alexandre.loukasas@gmail.com



We have the energetic members of the association Bio- Logiques, chaired by Mary Burbaud to thank for establishing and developing this show, nowadays a must. Every spring, for 18 years, the key players in the ecology of today and tomorrow meet at the Blaquières complex around a programme featuring a hundred exhibitors, quality conferences (those of Professor Joyeux and Sophie Rabhi will go down in history...), thematic permaculture workshops, naturopathy, herbalism, sewing, recycling, and beautiful meetings with key figures in ecological and energy transition, motivated by a desire to see "Life differently."

This year the association inaugurated the Transition Village, the creation of the Gulf Repair Café and the webzine, directory of good local initiatives.






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