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25/08/2020 (archive)

Pierre Rabhi

By following the farmer philosopher Pierre Rabhi, many people in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez have been working for years to protect the planet, to "consume differently" and to show the way to "Happy Sobriety" to those who are seduced by the gentle way of life in our piece of paradise.



I have been at the heart of this reflection on Happy Sobriety for a very long time. It is impossible for us to continue to propagate this destructive mode of civilization... We can no longer damage the elements that allow us to be living beings... Good wills are faced with a context shaken by extremely difficult planetary social changes. If we continue in this way we are headed for the extinction of humanity!


When my wife and I decided to return to farming 53 years ago, "we chose to reconnect with the forces of life through ecology and agro-ecological agriculture. Today we have to face a food disaster, famines, bad food, etc... I witness the complacency of political actors, the change must come from each citizen... I am an ecologist because I love trees, whales and all life! "



For 65 years, the mythical CLUB 55 has been promoting with authenticity and passion the magic of the Natural Space of Pampelonne beach. This season, Patrice de Colmont has published a booklet for his customers to communicate his philosophy of "respect for nature and mankind, but also that of our Mediterranean Provencal culture and, that of the Massif des Maures and our peninsula". The restaurant and snack menu has been modified by removing : Coca Cola, fish from industrial fishing, beef that does not respect ancestral farming practices…

The seasonal Mediterranean specialities of the restaurant and snack bar of Chef Laurent Bertolotto, have always been based on local and natural products, including those from the farms of the House, the Vallon des Bouis and the Château de la Mole. For "cleaner" electricity, new photovoltaic panels have been installed. Equipped with electric recharging and rainwater recovery terminals, Club 55 also produces its own renewable energy.


Since 2017, the Tropezian designer Julie Vallotti is a worthy representative of eco-responsible fashion. It is in Saint-Tropez, in her bohemian home, that she designs her vaporous and sensual dresses, before entrusting their making to one of the last small artisanal workshops in Marseille.

Produced in very limited editions, Julie's collections are made in noble and natural plain fabrics or with Sunny and "ephemeral" prints, says the young woman, who signs a new collection every season.

Her commitment is even stronger since the crisis, for whom defending small designers and work well done are real militant commitments: "more than ever we must support small French businesses, we must help each other… Together."

A beautiful tribute to the women in her family, including her beloved grandmother, Paule Vallotti, a fairy-fingered seamstress who worked in the heart of the mythical Vachon house on the port and who created many of Brigitte Bardot's iconic outfits.


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