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Portrait of Sévérine Berger, Curator of the Annonciade Museum

07/09/2018 (archive)

A new curator

L’ANNONCIADE MUSEUM: A NEW CURATOR Séverine Berger who is the new curator of the “most beautiful little museum of France” is getting ready to present her first Tropezian exhibition entitled “Plural waters”.

She is a graduate of the prestigious Louvre school and has a Masters degree in preventive conservation of artworks as well as a background rich in professional experiences.

A water themed exhibition
From July 1st to November 14th, the “Plural waters” exhibition will be held, with paintings from the museums in both Saint-Tropez and Dunkirk, depicting the different ways of life in these two ports. The theme will show; water and storms, port activities, still life, fish, seaside activities, the joys of the beach, the different swimwear throughout the ages, fresh water, rivers, waterfalls... Not forgetting objects from around the world.




Numerous projects for the museum Séverine Berger wants to introduce technical teams, conservation experts, documentalists. She wants to adapt the access for the handicapped visitors, do justice to the gardens and Art Deco architecture of the building, develop the boutique and favour the access to the local population and the students.


Saint-Tropez, magical “I had only ever come to Saint-Tropez when I was a child so I’m now discovering the clearness of the light and the brightness of the colours, the beauty of the early mornings, the bell tower against a stormy sky and the beautifully well preserved coastline.”



G-L. Jaulmes (1873-1959). Le Musée de l’Annonciade en août, 1958 - huile sur carton, 33x46 cm
collection du Musée de l’Annonciade de Saint-Tropez

2 place Grammont, Saint-Tropez
T. +33 (0)4 94 17 84 10




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