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07/10/2019 (archive)

Destination Veg'

Destination Veg'


People are still talking about Saint-Tropez and the fine gastronomy it offers. From Michelin Stars to chic restaurants with intricate menus signed by the greatest Chefs (Alain Ducasse, Eric Fréchon), there is no doubt that Saint-Tropez is one of the world’s greatest destinations for gastronomy.

Thanks to its many advantages, people from all over the world are seduced by the Veg’ cuisine. Also, it is a great way for French Chefs to innovate, using as always the freshest quality ingredients at the heart of their delicately crafted plates. "We are truly convinced that the vegan market is a promising one that is still in the process of being written today. It is not just a trend.

Veg Travel Destination

We have to face the challenge of creating an exquisite vegan menu to meet the needs and expectations of our clients from all over the world”said Saint-Tropez Tourisme.

Our ambition is to become, in the next few months, the first Veg Travel Destination in France while ensuring that all the restaurants propose at least one starter, one main course and one dessert, whether vegetarien or vegan

© Photo 1 :
Samia Falouti, Association Végétarienne de
France, Jérôme et Kevin de la pâtisserie Ohfaon à Marseille et
Willy Berton, maître restaurateur (le Gorilla à Nice)

© Photo 2 :
Réunion avec les chefs et directeurs restaurateurs
du golfe de Saint-Tropez le 14 mars




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