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Saint-Tropez, World Capital Vegetarianism

22/08/2020 (archive)

Saint-Tropez, Destination Veg' de France

Saint-Tropez, Destination Veg' de France

Saint-Tropez, 1rst Destination Veg’

Glorified by international celebrities, this politically correct trend can no longer be ignored. The enthusiastic and committed advocates of this movement have reached every level of society. “Veg’ Attitude” is a healthy and epicurean neopilosophy…

Succumb to "Veg’ Attitude"

Before becoming vegan, the transition begins in your plate... The ultimate being to privilege short and seasonal circuits to offer your body freshness and vitamins, if possible without GMOs or industrial products. You can decide, for example, to reduce your impact on the environment by reducing packaging, or even to the extreme of refusing to wear leather. And there is the rejection of any consumer product from animals, from cheese to cow's milk to forest honey to cosmetics tested on mice. But that's another story... Whichever the choice, moderate or pure and hard, the vegan movement has become more democratic.

The tendency to consume differently has seduced the new generation, in search of an ideal world, where man would be in total harmony with his surroundings. This healthy and gourmet neo philosophy remains in pole position because of its benevolent and beneficial values for health and fitness.

All over the world, organic healthy bars, vegan restaurants and organic grocery stores abound at every street corner to meet the growing demand of consumers. Saint-Tropez is not to be outdone. Under the impetus of the Tourist Office, in partnership with various associations, notably L 214 and the Association Végétarienne de France, the city has become France's leading vegetarian destination with no less than 200 restaurants committed to offering à la carte vegetarian dishes or even a completely vegetarian menu.

Restaurants Veg'

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