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Latitude 43, un lieu Arty

10/06/2020 (archive)



The Art Deco masterpiece, enhanced by its recent renovation, has imposed itself as the show case of the works of three talented sculptors.

Seduced by the light and the Dolce Vita of the Riviera, Laurent Jardin and Charles Serruya made a stopover on the peninsula this summer at the family home of their friend Nicolas Lefebvre. In this villa, where friends, collectors and patrons meet, they set up their workshop in the heart of the garden lined with umbrella pines. A magical place, overlooking the sea, to create exceptional works of art, including those that we are presenting to you exclusively for the first time in the heart of Latitude 43, the iconic linerstyle building signed Georges Henri Pingusson (1932).

NICOLAS LEFEBVRE, a solar artist anchored in the heart of the Sacred and Mother Earth

In the majestic hall of Latitude 43, the sun shines on the sculptures Mâât – Goddess of Justice – and The Greek Fisher, one of the sculptor's last masterpieces. This mobile homage to Calder, a divine assemblage of precious woods, ancient glass floats and fishing nets, was unveiled at Lucas Ratton's Tropezian gallery representing the artist. It is now on the Indie Beach House in Pampelonne. Four original works in wood, stone and shells, including a giant totem pole in homage to the Earth and the Sea, have naturally found their place in the sand.

What are your plans?
An ongoing exhibition in Marrakech, a monumental sculpture for the Dakar Biennale... MAMA, an installation dedicated to the dialogue of Mediterranean cultures.

Instagram : nicolaslefebvre.artist



LAURENT JARDIN, the pure diamond of Art Brut

"My Art is born from a fusion of materials and elements that I discovered through fashion," explains the artist who made a name for himself – Dragovan – before devoting himself to sculpture and design. Wood, leather, metal, marble, Laurent Jardin, fascinated by history and the primitive arts, he searches for absolute purity. His works, of raw and precious assemblages, transcend the artisanal tradition, in a pure quest for freedom and spirituality, his style, all in purity and perfect geometry, seeks the chimerical balance at the heart of the world's instability. Like Orca, Mât, Orus and Triomphe, his magnetic works created this spring.

How has Saint-Tropez inspired you in your latest creations?

In this house, a place of sharing and artistic and human encounters, I have made an introspection within myself. In the heart of nature, this incredible light and the sun gave me the strength to transcend myself and to work. In the heart of nature, facing the horizon, this incredible light and this powerful sun gave me the strength to draw from deep within me the desire to transcend myself and work on various projects around art, design and crafts.

What is your news this summer?
An exhibition at the gallery l'Ormeau des Arts in Saint- Tropez, with Charles Serruya and Cédric Lollia and the realization of various projects in progress.
Instagram : dragovanparis


CHARLES SERRUYA, the Poet of the Purple Tree

Photographer, specialist of light and shadow, director, sculptor, underground dandy of New York and Parisian nights, Charles Serruya has had a thousand lives! His wire sculptures reveal a delicate graphic art, nourished by, the dream and the evasion, like the Minotaur, one of his emblematic sculptures.

Charles, your Minotaur seems to have always been present in the hall of Latitude 43...
I unveiled this monumental sculpture of 2.8 meters about ten years ago in the heart of the Pavillon de Gallon, a remarkable botanical garden, then in various places, including Pierre-Alain Chalier's Parisian gallery and Vincent Darré's showroom in rue Royale. The Minotaur represents power and wisdom...

What about the Sphynge, the work currently exhibited at the gallery L'Ormeau des Arts?
Inspired by Greek mythology, this fabulous creature with a bewitching smile has the features of a woman who has meant a lot in my life.

What are your plans?
The staging of film screenings by Gaby's, a musical company that will be presented at the Théâtre Trévise in Paris.
Instagram : serruyacharles


Built in 1932, this concrete ship with a futuristic silhouette proudly stands out in the Tropezian landscape. The work of architect Georges-Henri Pingusson, is one of the most avant-garde palaces on the Côte d'Azur, and a holiday resort for film stars, wealthy industrialists and English nobility seeking a relaxing way of life. With the Second World War, Latitude 43 fell into oblivion.

Yet it has withstood the test of time, now passionately renovated in almost its original state by an association of co-owners who are proud to bring this building steeped in history back to life.

Triomphe by Laurent Jardin, Sculpture inspired by the sea.

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