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Wickelfisch waterproof bags blue

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Waterproof bags

For those who like to leave the shore and swim, go on a stand up paddle excursion, canoe or boat there is always the fear of getting your clothes, your phone or your handbag wet.

Among all the choices you have, the last one is to leave your belongings on the beach unattended

But thanks to the amazing Wickelfisch 100% waterproof bags, you have another best choice

Easy to handle, designed in bright colors in order for you to be seen from afar, they will contains all what you need to bring with you in the water or during any water activity.

Once inflatted with air while closing it, it can be a great pillow for the beach or help you float while swimming.

Be it to paddle, to sail, to bike, to walk on the beach, there always will be a Wickelfisch bag for your needs.

After swimming, put your wet swimsuit in the bikini bag. Fun and efficient, the Wickelfisch bikini bag is lined inside with a waterproof coating to protect your objects such as wallet, mobile phone, etc. from being wet.



  • Waterproof Fish Bag size S - price 12€ ( Several colours)
  • Waterproof Fish Bag size M  - Price 19€  ( Several colours)
  • Waterproof Fish Bag size S + mini guide S - Price 14€  ( Several colours)
  • Waterproof Fish Bag size M + mini guide - Price 20€  ( Several colours)


  • SIZE M: purple, black, yellow & red
  • SIZE S pink, orange & green



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