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16/08/2017 (archive)

Having an unrivalled reputation of reliability and expertise on Google, from the US to Australia, sttropezluxury.com is an online conciergerie that provides exceptional services.

This elitist conciergerie
is aiming high

This company was created 2 years ago by Edward Marquis, who has been involved in travel and luxury villa rental industries in the UK for more than 25 years. He has managed to take advantage of this experience and of a sharp analysis of this specific market : “clients are looking for more than a simple house to rent. I wanted them to benefit from my deep local knowledge and connections in order to get the best service, by providing the impression of enjoying a stay in a private hotel which could be their own property”. Sttropezluxury.com has already been granted a fine reputation on the Mediterranean thanks to a wide scope of possible action from Provence to Tuscany, Italian glamour destination from where the summer rental activity started. In the Saint-Tropez bay, sttropezluxury.com is fully operational from Spring to the Voiles de Saint-Tropez event and also during Christmas and New Year holidays. Among the key points : permanent service all year round and a single contact for each destination and region ; a network of carefully selected exclusive partners able to answer to needs and requirements of their wealthy clients. Nothing is impossible for this original concierge service whose purpose is to save time for their clients by making their life easier.


« Je vends du rêve à ceux
Edward Marquis qui ont déjà tout ! »

The main requests relate to the luxury villa rental, organization of leisure activities and unpredictable request management. “Because, even if I am selling happiness to those who already have everything, to predict the impossible is also part of our daily work”, Edward Marquis said. StTropezLuxury.com is the only one to offer a wide selection of exclusive destinations, luxury hotels and villas located in the most beautiful places of Southern Europe : Capri, Tuscany, Sardinia, Saint-Tropez, Veneto, as well as Provence… An endless choice for a dream vacation.


Choississez votre destination :
London office : +44 (0)20 76 924 092
email : Edward@sttropezluxury.com
or info@sttropezluxury.com





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