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07/09/2020 (archive)




For few years, the works of Gérard Le Roux have been travelling the world to the major capitals in celebration of his 50 years as an artist, 35 of which have been spent in Saint-Tropez.

After having staged five exhibitions last year between New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Basel and Monaco with about a hundred paintings and twenty monumental works, the artist – whose famous gallery faces the town hall – presents his latest creations. Works in more contemporary tones than ever. Such as the mirror-polished aluminium sculptures, and the "beach scene" paintings in sunny colours that decorate the homes of the greatest private collectors. The fame of the talented painter-sculptor, who tames bronze and marble, transcends borders.

Gérard Le Roux receives his international clientele in his Tropezian workshop where he exhibits his works.




From August 6th to August 26th, the artist Gérard Le Roux will be exhibiting fifty paintings and ten monumental sculptures in the Salle Jean Despas on the Place des Lices, in partnership with the town of Saint-Tropez.

Dive into Le Roux's world, both off-beat and spectacular...



This is a first! He has selected some of his major works, symbols of his contemporary artistic signature, both joyous and colourful... paintings from his New York period in the 1980's including the historical painting that represents the Bicentenary of the French Revolution, unveiled in 1989 at the Lincoln Center in New York and also exhibited in Paris.

A 7 minute biographical, musical and artistic film will be shown that retraces the steps of the artist. Discover the many different themes in his paintings and huge sculptures, some of which have been borrowed from private collectors, don't miss his new creations in polished aluminium, bronze and marble.

Place de l’Hôtel de ville, Saint-Tropez
T. +33 (0)6 80 21 70 80





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