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The Most Beautiful Beaches of Saint Tropez


Saint-Tropez is the trendiest seaside resort on the French Riviera

Beaches and Dreams

Sur la plage abandonnée, coquillages et…You’ve probably heard this song? So you’ve surely trampled through the warm sand on the beaches of Saint-Tropez— Almost hidden, in an undoubtedly wild and intimate setting, they have enough attributes to compete with the sulfurous bay of Pampelonne.

Let’s have a roundup of these 6 gorgeous beaches, all close from Saint-Tropez downtown.



La plage de la Bouillabaisse

Located at the entrance of Saint-Tropez, La Bouillabaisse beach is simply stunning. Friendly beach restaurants, white sand, clear water… it is the perfect venue for setting up your towel (on the sand or on a beachmat) and enjoy a relaxing moment.
At sunset, it is by far the best spot to admire the sun going down behind the hills of the Massif des Maures.



La plage "La Ponche"

This legendary beach is sheltered by the ramparts of Saint-Tropez. Brigitte Bardot in the movie “And God created Woman” of Roger Vadim could see this beach from its terrace, now mythical!

At the edge of the old Ponche district, between the Portalet tower and the Old Tower, it is a great spot with a sea view from the restaurants when having lunch. A must!



La plage "Les Graniers"

Down from the Citadel, after the marine cemetery, this
small cove benefits from a wild and natural coast. We come there to spend a quiet and peaceful moment. A place which leaves you speechless.



La plage "Les Canebiers"

A few minutes walk from the downtown of Saint-Tropez, the bay of Les Canebiers is a wide beach of sand along Les Salins road.

Its name comes from the “hemp”, which was cultivated along the coast by the past. Today, the bay is known as being the place of “tropezian” people.


La plage "La Moutte"

A reach this secrete little piece of heaven, you have to walk 45 minutes along the coastal path from the bay of Les Canebiers to La Moutte beach.

Yes, the hike is a bit rude and you have to involve some efforts, but you won’t be disappointed!


La plage "Les Salins"

Walk along Les Salins road to the edge of the peninsula, then a small and shady path leads you to the amazing Les Salins beach. This unspoiled beach of fine white sand invites you to a relaxation escape. It is known as one of the beaches with the finest and white sand of the region!

It is a stunning venue to enjoy a special moment with your family, your friends or even with yourself!


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