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Walking For Dead Waste

Dal 8 al 29 marzo 2020

Randonnée Eco Citoyenne

La diffusion de l'émission, sera pour le vendredi 6 mars en direct sur France 3 PACA entre 10h45 et 11h30.

Eco Citizen hiking


Have you ever seen waste walking ?
of course not....

So let's make this possible by participating in this 1st edition of Eco-Citizen hiking. Its name, inspired by the series The Walking Dead, is perfectly suited for this march where waste, dead after its use, will "move" to its ultimate destination to be destroyed, recycled, transformed.

How ?

The principle is simple, walk around and pick up each crossed waste on its way. In order for this collection to be as efficient as possible while allowing students to fully develop their mission, it will take place on 2 dates.

8th and 29th of March
From 9h to 11h30 am

More info here
Hikes here





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