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Exhibition of Josiane et Gérard ABRIAL

Dal 22 al 28 luglio 2021


Abrial art gallery and workshop have been known for more than 40 years.

Each have their own style and their own wall in the gallery.
Dali said that talent is work and a bit of madness. The contemporary artist Abrial knows it. Since childhood, he had drawn and painted every day. He studied at the Ecole Supérieure Nationale d'Art in Nice and at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He has his own style. The Abrials arrived in Saint-Tropez in the 1970's and discovered the town of Brigitte Bardot, customer and friend. There, they found everything : love, beauty of the light, colours of the landscapes, inspiration thanks to encounters with figures and celebrities : artists, fishermen, industrials, princes, vineyard owners, filmmakers, writers, etc.

The highest happiness of a family life : set up in the cottage located in the vines near the Sainte-Anne Chapel which later turned into an art studio, they had two children, Romain and Yohan. Gérard Abrial adopted African-style influences and used and still uses today different techniques and colours : ocre, charcoal, oil, fresco, glaze, white colour in "sfumato". His work brings life to life!

1964 High school diploma in philosophy

1966 Arts Décoratifs in Nice

1968 Arts décoratifs in Paris

He met painters Martial Raysse, Claude Viallat, Louis Chacallis, Zia, César

1972 He married Josiane Abrial

1973 He returned to painting after interior design

As a lonely artist, he painted and drawn everyday while being coworker in his woman's company

1996 He followed his own path

1998 He settled his art gallery and studio with his wife in Avenue Paul Roussel in Saint-Tropez


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Josiane ABRIAL

"Nature! You are the artist " says Josiane Abrial

(The delights of nature)

With her fine arts diploma from Nice University and interior architecture and industrial design in Paris, Josiane Abrial remains a colour enthusiast. Once she has finished her studies in Paris, she came down to the south with her husband, native of Saint Tropez, for the summer. To pay for the holidays, they decided to open a boutique and sell house linen that she paints and embroiders. Right from the start, the enterprise was a huge success; the holidays are extended to 28 years!


Her collections are bought across the globe – Harrod’s, Bloomingdale … and Jopsiane Abrial decides to open a boutique in los Angeles. Unfortunately, while in the States, her boutique in Saint-Tropez is burgled. “I had to start all over again, just with what I had left: my art and my painting”, Josiane Abrial remarked.

Josiane’s flowers

And what a renaissance! A natural world of delight and silence, of flowers. Josiane’s new world gives life to our walls. Her delicate and perfect flowers are full of her unique artistic soul. With her advise in decoration, your interior can also be a eulogy to mother nature. “It is not miracles that lack, but wonder”, this sentence remains the artist’s motto, as do Matisse’s words “there are flowers almost everywhere for those who want to see them”. For Josiane, they can be 30 centimeters or 3 meters high! But her world is not just a flower garden, it also has faces, fruit, vegetable … all with the same beauty and perfection.

Galerie d’Art ABRIAL
Le Seminaris
Avenue Paul Roussel
Sous les arcades allant au parking des Lices

06 85 06 73 04 / 04 94 97 31 08
e-mail : sttropezabrial@yahoo.fr




Avenue Paul Roussel
Le Semiramis - Park des Lices
83990 Saint-Tropez
Tel : +33 (0)4 94 97 31 08 / +33 (0)6 85 06 73 04





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