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La Croix-Valmer

A natural beauty

With its coves, long sandy beaches, vineyards stretching right down to the sea and two listed capes, La Croix Valmer offers a multitude of exceptionally beautiful landscapes and is determined to protect this environmental wealth for future generations.


It is easy to be captivated by this magnificent resort which slopes gently down to the sea. From the heights, a grandiose view covers the Moors and the Estérel. In the undergrowth, umbrella pines, mimosas, cork oaks and heathers shelter an important protected fauna. The coastline presents an alternation of fine sandy beaches bordered by turquoise waters (the Landing, Sylvabelle, Gigaro, the bay of Briande…), rocky ledges sheltering preserved coves (the Vergeron, the Brouis…), with the highlight being two jewels coming back to life after the fires: Cape Lardier and Cape Taillat, accessible via the customs officer’s path. The Coastal Conservatory ensures the preservation of these wonders, which can compete with many international tourist destinations.


Quietly, far from the hustle and bustle, La Croix Valmer offers a quality of life to its residents and visitors. The first municipality in the Var committed to sustainable development with Agenda 21, holder of numerous labels (quality of bathing water, blue flag, resort classified as tourism, etc.), the municipality cultivates excellence for the development of a site with a totally protected environment. The range of services is coupled with a very attractive leisure offer: renowned diving sites, sailing, kayaking, beach volleyball, land hikes, sea trails, relaxing… the invitation to relaxation is permanent. With on the horizon, the Port-Cros National Park and the Levant Islands, accessible by boat from the Landing pontoon (in July/August).


In addition to the Provençal and night markets, children’s shows and activities throughout the year, life in the village, family and real, is lulled in summer by the harmonious melodies of the Summer Evenings and the Festival. des Anches d’Azur, which takes place at the Forum Constantin, in a good-natured, friendly and joyful atmosphere, very significant of the Croisian welcome.


From the village to the sea, the link is most often achieved through a vineyard drenched in sunshine, a land of passionate winegrowers who are proud to present excellent wines in their cellars, the fruit of a mild climate throughout the year. ‘year. More unusual, La Croix Valmer reveals architectural buildings of great beauty, private villas and “Belle Époque” hotels dating from the 19th century, but also numerous traces of the past such as the Roman ruins of Pardigon, the Napoleonic batteries of Lardier or still the sites of the landing of Provence.


After a visit to the village, take your car and go down to the beaches of Gigaro via Boulevard Tabarin. From the parking lot, the walk is done on foot. Direction: Cap Lardier and Cap Taillat. The coastal path (yellow markings) runs along the sea between speckled schist rocks and light sand beaches. Join Pointe Andati via Brouis cove. This is maritime Provence.


The development of the village is due to the creation of a wine company (Domaine de la Croix) founded by Lyon silk workers in 1882. The village, after being called La Croix, La Croix de Cavalaire then La Croix des Mimosas, became independent in 1929 and took the definitive name of La Croix Valmer in 1934. “The Cross” comes from a legend according to which the Roman Emperor Constantine, on his way to Rome in 312 to eliminate Maxentius, one of his rivals, saw a cross appear here in the sky accompanied by these words: In Hoc Signo Vinces (by this sign, you will overcome). The 1950s contributed to its growth and its tourist reputation.


• In the village, the Constantin cross (1893), the residential villas of the last century with “tulip” architecture, the Sunday market, the wine estates (domaines de Chausse, de la Madrague, de la Croix).
• On the hill, “the house of the Holy Spirit Fathers” Kensington today (first historic hotel). Roofs of neighboring houses in glazed tiles.
• Road to Ramatuelle, very picturesque and very wooded.
• Three caps walk in a site of rare beauty.
• The beaches (Landing, Sylvabelle, Héraclée, Gigaro, la Briande, etc.).
• The ruins of the Roman villa of Pardigon.
• The crocodile islet marine trail, Jovat beach.


• Route de la Corniche des Crêtes: residential area on the edge of the Maures forest. Viewpoint over both the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Bay of Cavalaire (orientation table). And on the La Mole valley if you go up a little. In these woods: the ruined Peinier farm (group of 18th century houses called “Ménages”) near a natural water resurgence, to be discovered by following the “Les Panoramas” hiking circuit (www.visitgolfe. com).
• The entire coastal path which connects the three capes offers sublime views.


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