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Saint-Tropez is surprising! The range of events offered is very wide and it is spread over the whole year. Events-exhibitions of photography, painting, sculpture, monumental sculpture, thematic exhibitions in the four museums of Saint-Tropez, music festivals from classical to electronic, regattas and sporting, popular or historical events … Each season brings its share of demonstrations.

The summertime  is rich of appointments. A must-see could be the « Nuits du château de la Moutte ». A splendid place, internationally renowned musicians, make these summer concerts unique moments of rare quality. Music in all its forms is also programmed at the Citadelle throughout the summer.

Among the flagship events, you can’t miss “Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez” in Autumn, which brings together yachting lovers and curious amateurs for two weeks in a festive atmosphere. The Giraglia Rolex cup, the Voiles Latines, just to name two among the many nautical events that take place all year round in Saint-Tropez.

But before the first frost, put on your runnings! Take part in the “Saint-Tropez Classic“, a pedestrian race for adults and children.

In the heart of Autumn, take place an event dedicated to “fashion addicts”. Unearth your finest clothes on the many stalls of La Grande Braderie in Saint-Tropez.

In winter, you may prefer to stay warm in the pretty surroundings of the museums to appreciate the regular thematic exhibitions of the Musée de la Gendarmerie, the Musée de l’Annonciade, the Butterfly Museum or the Musée de l’Histoire Maritime at the Citadelle. At nightfall, young and old will be swept away by the enchantment of Christmas entertainment and illuminations.

In Spring, during the traditional Bravades, you will be impressed by the colors and blunderbussing of the bravaders, demonstrations in honor of the Patron Saint’s parade.

Vintage rally, Porsche Paradise? Whether you prefer a car or a motorbike, there is no shortage of events and makes Saint-Tropez an ideal land for lovers of concrete.

In a few words, be curious and discover new facets of Saint-Tropez throughout the summer but also throughout the year!

Lighthouse cladding - Saint-Tropez Couleur Bleu 2024

Exposition - Godon revisite le musée de l'Annonciade

Temporary exhibition: Secret d'Écorces by Cédric Pollet

Exposition - 60 ans Garde à vous ! un Gendarme et une voiture sur le sentier de la gloire

Exposition du Lavoir Vasserot - Jean-François Carle

Cinéma en plein air Les Toiles de Ramatuelle

Les ateliers "Bien chez soi"

Exposition peinture - Henri Lamy

Foire artisanale de la Sainte-Anne

THOMAS FERSEN - Mon frère c’est Dieu sur Terre - Les Nuits du Château de la Moutte 2024

Exposition du Lavoir Vasserot - Art Contemporain Laget81

WILLIAM CHRISTIE  - Les Arts Florissants - Les Nuits du Château de la Moutte 2024

Enki Bilal - Déchronos - Memory of the Future

Festival "Les Nuits du Château de la Moutte"

Exposition - Brigitte Bardot par Ghislain Dussart

Exposition - "Charles Aznavour, photographe"

Exposition de sculptures monumentales de KAI - Puissance de l'amour

Exposition "Dragoon : Top Secret Bigot"

Exposition "Saint-Tropez, la guerre et le débarquement de Provence"