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Sustainable development in Saint-Tropez


Saint-Tropez Tourisme and sustainable development…


Tourism is a sector where the question of sustainability is essential since this industry tends to attract people to limited spaces, during a limited time and often in fragile territories (historical centers, conservation sites, etc.). The stakes are therefore high…
For these reasons, Saint-Tropez Tourisme (Saint-Tropez Tourist Board) is actively involved in attracting attention towards sustainable development. This project means to develop a tourism that conserves and highlights the natural, cultural and social resources of our territory in the long term.
Saint-Tropez Tourisme has called uponan agency to accompany it in the conception of a Sustainable Tourism Approach. A 1rst phase of analysis and held enquiries has been undertaken in order to sound and to mobilize all professional bodies on this theme. This action has also been strengthened with the help of communication via the local media.

Our long term aim is to be ahead of other competitors and to attract responsible consumers, to reduce the costs of resource management and wastage disposal, and to improve our destination’s quality. This strategy will result in a choice of pertinent actions “pre-tested” on professionals.
This approach has already been integrated into our company and also into our communication means :
  • Reducing the edition of our brochures and selling the most requested of these, the map of Saint-Tropez, at our front office in order to reduce wastage,
  • Integrating the notion of “sustainable development” into our Quality objectives : sending Emails informating our visitors about the ecotourism approach and inciting them to download brochures on our Internet site. Sustainable tourism has to satisfy tourists to the utmost level. It must be a useful experience for them while making encouraging them to adapt their habits in consequence.


You and sustainable development…

In order to protect its exceptional environment, the Town of Saint-Tropez wishes to entice its visitors into a deeper sense of responsibility as far as the protection of that environment is concerned ; by setting great store on culture, know how, local Heirtage, and developing a Cuisine based upon local, seasonal and fresh food from market products.
Here is some advice to contribute to the protection of the environment :

  • Using a bicycle for transportation is time saving, reduces carbon dioxide release and keeps you out of traffic jams,
  • Make sure you sort out your rubbish and put it in the appropriate containers,
  • Do not litter the ground, use the bins and waster paper baskets which are at your disposal,
  • Reduce your water and energy consumption,
  • Participate to the protection of fauna and flora, don’t throw anything at sea,
  • Choose non polluting leisure activies : (bibycle riding, trekking, sailing…) or the discovery of local Heirtage and products,
  • Schedule your holidays during the out of season time, you will meet local inhabitants and find out more about local culture