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Gastronomy & Local products

Gastronomy & Local products

Drink (in moderation) and enjoy a glass of fresh rosé on a shady terrace, taste a grilled fish at a beach restaurant or at a gourmet restaurant, buy seasonal fruits and vegetables at the market or have a break enjoying a tempting Tarte Tropézienne... simple pleasures and treats for an unforgettable stay.

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Sites and historical monuments

Sites and historical monuments

Art, history or heritage enthusiast? You will be delighted by the tourist sightseeing attractions of the village.

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Shopping in Saint-Tropez, a must for any fashion addict.


Shopping Addicts, dive into the world of luxury and discover the biggest brands, often hidden behind the gates of magnificent mansions: Dior, Chanel, Vuitton, Hermès, to name a few.

Travel through the village and you will find many shops there that allow you to build your Tropezian style, with pieces unearthed here and there as you go. This casual chic style tinged with a bohemian attitude so unique to Saint-Tropez will hold no secrets for you. Find the most beautiful accessory for your VIP party. Give her the most beautiful jewel, ultra trendy glasses,or the latest fragrance from this great historic house.

Meet our artisans and have your pair of Made in Saint-Tropez sandals made by Rondini or K.Jacques houses. A unique model, as you want.

Your home obviously requires a touch of this style tinged with sun and joie de vivre. The greatest designers are located in the heart of Saint-Tropez and know how to mix ultra-modern pieces and typical natural objects. Don't forget to decorate it all with, for example, a magnificent bouquet of seasonal flowers or a superb local plant.

To punctuate everything and if you feel like it, a little tour dedicated to artistic creation will not leave you indifferent. Browse the pretty little alleys of the village to discover the art galleries and meet the artists within the framework of their workshop. You will be surprised by the creativity and avant-gardism of the Tropezian artistic offer.

Such a full day must allow a moment of relaxation ... Take a break by dipping your spoon in this so tempting Tarte Tropézienne, tasting a glass of the best Provençal vintages on a shaded terrace, enjoying a grilled fish with your feet in the sand, or at the table of a star. .. A sum of small pleasures that make your stay memorable.

And above all, come back at the end of October, for the Saint-Tropez Braderie and take advantage of the best end-of-season deals!


Summer never ends in Saint-Tropez, take some sunshine with you!


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What you must see

Saint-Tropez evokes elegance and luxury where spotting celebrities is easy. It is a must-see travel destination for its beautiful beaches, rythmed by provencal atmosphere. The animated village will seduce you as you wander from shops to galleries and experience French cuisine at its finest. Visit the local market and taste the fresh produce of Provence.


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Feel Saint-Tropez

Visit Saint-Tropez and discover the colors of Provence with its legendary lavender fields. Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of this vibrant and luminous village and enjoy the taste of a truly fine wine. Endless beaches along the French coast, stone buildings, breathtaking landscape, scenery and heritage sites, animated streets, will make your stay unforgettable.



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What you must see

Like the celebrities who flock here in summer, drawn to this idyllic isle on a beautiful peninsula, Saint-Tropez is a star which in season unveils a host of sumptuous yachts, prestigious brands, luxury hotels, glamorous boutiques and fabulous cars.

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