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The Gulf’s watchman

The village of Gassin, located at the top of a steep hill, offers exceptional views of the Maures, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and beyond to the Golden Isles, crowning a picturesque landscape of vineyards and forests.



A picturesque hilltop village at an altitude of 200 m, Gassin is a member of the prestigious club of the « Plus Beaux Villages de France » (Most Beautiful Villages in France). A concentration of Provence, Gassin is nestled on its summit, with its stone-fronted village houses, dotted with bougainvillea flowers, plumbagos and Virginia creeper, huddled around the church and its typical bell tower, the town hall, the Café Perché and the small local shops. The narrow cobbled streets, called androuno in Provençal, invite you to explore. Make your way to the Place deï Barri, a must-see balcony overlooking the Gulf, with its centuries-old hackberry trees and delicious restaurants. Below, discover the L’Hardy-Denonain botanical garden, with its intimate charm and lush vegetation.


Gassin is famous for its wine-growing tradition. The gentle light of the south helps its ten vineyards to flourish, protected by the surrounding hills. Ideal conditions for producing great Côtes-de-Provence wines. The highlight is the Wine Route, where you can learn more about the history of the estates before sampling their delicious beverages.



The panoramic view from the orientation table is stunning: the azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea dominates 240 of the 360 degrees: we are indeed on a peninsula! It contrasts nicely with the green of the vineyards, forest and Maures Massif, which stretches out over the remaining 120 degrees, enhanced by small ochre touches from the tiles of the neighbouring villages. Below, the mythical seaside road links the Marines of Gassin/Cogolin to Saint-Tropez, with the charming “La Moune” sailing school clinging to the shore.


From the orientation table, follow the promenade deï Barri, which marks the former boundary of the ramparts (old hackberry trees). At the end, panoramic views of the Hyères islands. Passage des Bénédictins, Notre-Dame de l’Assomption church. Passage du Gué, “Sarrazins” gateway, rue Centrale, pretty porch before the oldest part of the town hall (1584). Rue du Puits. Rue du Moulin (olive oil) and l’Androuno. Rues de la Treille, du Troubadour-Rollet-de-Garcin, du Rompe-Cuou, rue Longue. Passage des Templiers… Free guided tours every Wednesday and Monday from April to October.


The earliest recorded mention of Gassin dates back to 1190. The name Gassin or Garcin is thought to correspond to the surname of the local lord. At the beginning of the 14th century, this seigneury had around a thousand inhabitants. Its territory, which was larger than it is today, covered almost 6,500 hectares. It was reduced in 1929 by the detachment of the commune of Cavalaire-sur-Mer and in 1934 by that of La Croix-Valmer. Historically, the village was surrounded by ramparts, or “barris” in Provençal language, which were sometimes used to support the construction of houses, some of which can still be seen today. From the 19th century onwards, the development of carriage roads and the railway contributed to the development of the plain, making it the communication hub of the Gulf. As for the old village, its eagle’s nest location has remained true to itself.


• In the village, narrow stone streets, calades and vaults. Rue de la Tasco, the highest street in the village. The narrowest: l’Androuno (one person at a time!). The steepest: rue Rompe-Cul. Porte des Sarrasins (a portcullis is called a sarrasine).
• The bell tower.
• The Romanesque chapel of Notre-Dame de la Consolation.
• The L’Hardy-Denonain botanical garden.
• In the plain, the AOC Côtes de Provence or IGP estates (Château Barbeyrolles, Château de Chausse, Château Minuty, Domaine Bertaud Belieu, Domaine du Bourrian, Domaine Cap Saint-Pierre, Domaine de la Rouillère, Domaine Tropez, Maîtres vignerons de la presqu’île de Saint-Tropez.)


• Orientation table, montée Saint-Joseph: unique view of the surrounding villages, the Maures massif, Estérel and the Alps in the background.
• Place deï Barris: breathtaking views over the bay of Cavalaire and the Îles d’Or. Multiple perspectives through alleyways and passageways.
• Chapelle Notre Dame de la Consolation: immerse yourself in the Maures massif.
• Moulins de Paillas: panoramic view at an altitude of 325 m.


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