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A balcony on the Mediterranean

Imagine the Massif des Maures plunging into the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean. Between the two, perched on the cornice, is a village on a human scale, which eternally benefits from this sublime view. And to top it all off, it has an extraordinary garden. This true paradise does indeed exist, and I invite you to discover it for yourself.


The reputation of the resort is closely linked to that of the Jardin des Méditerranées; his Renoir-style landscapes are among the most beautiful on the Côte d’Azur. Journey into the open air, in the heart of several hectares of plant species from five continents, characteristic of Mediterranean climate zones: from the acacias of Australia to the agaves of Mexico, from the bamboos of Asia to the flax of New Zealand, from the palm trees of Chile to the carob trees of the Mediterranean, a guided tour is essential. Without forgetting the evocation of the astonishing history of the Domaine du Rayol, the creative workshops offered on site, the guided discovery, in summer, of underwater fauna and flora by mask and snorkel, the break- relaxation at the gardener’s organic café. Observe, smell, dream! A true Garden of Eden; how to imagine moving away from it one day.


This small village is full of treasures to discover. The monumental schist stone staircase, which begins at the seaside, takes you to the Patec pergola, offering a breathtaking view of the flag, the highest point of the town. These two sites are listed in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments because of their original architecture and the spectacular view they offer. The church and chapel, located at the ends of the village, are also worth the detour. The church is distinguished by its unique exterior appearance, while the colorful interior of the chapel is truly enchanting. Don’t miss either the magnificent 19th century villas and the charming “little port of Canadel”. When it comes to leisure and dining, you may need to allow plenty of time to experience them all, as there is something for everyone.


From the Tourist Office, go towards Avenue Mistral. Go up to the church. Join Patec. Take the path that leads to the monumental staircase. Go down to the road, cross and take the stairs again, catch up with the dirt track (old railway line). Pass under the metal bridge, continue until avenue Jacques Chirac. Pass in front of the Domaine du Rayol (Jardin des Méditerranées), take Avenue Rigaud to the intersection, Avenue des Amériques to the Le Bailli de Suffren hotel. Go back up the stairs, square Jean-Aicard and return, avenue Capitaine-Thorel.


Until the 18th century, nothing: a wild coastline, impossible to access. And yet, what beauty! The breakthrough of the railway (1885) will bring about the tourist vocation of this region. It included five districts (Les Pierrugues, le Dattier, le Fenouillet, Rayol, Canadel) spread over 300 ha. The Compagnie Terre de France undertook major development work in the Rayol district: 35 km of roads, the village, stairs, gardens, hotels, the Patec pergola, a pier on the beach. Its goal: to create a luxury housing estate. This district created as an extension of La Mole (1925) became a climatic and seaside resort, before becoming independent in 1949 under the name of Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer. Two steles remind us that Canadel beach was the scene of the Landing of Provence, on August 15, 1944, at midnight.


• The coves, the beaches, the marine trail, the endless walks on the old Provence railway line.
• The Domaine du Rayol, for its astonishing history, its acquisition and its resurrection due to the Conservatoire du Littoral.
• The Patec pergola and the monumental staircases, the steles of the African Commandos, the national necropolis.
• The commemorative plaque of Sir HenryRoyce (who stayed between 1911 and 1931).
• The Canadel chapel and the Rayol church.


• Route de la Corniche des Crêtes: residential area on the edge of the Maures forest. Viewpoint over both the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Bay of Cavalaire (orientation table). And on the La Mole valley if you go up a little. In these woods: the ruined Peinier farm (group of 18th century houses called “Ménages”) near a natural water resurgence, to be discovered by following the “Les Panoramas” hiking circuit (



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Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer : Gulf of Saint-Tropez

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